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At Pedimedica, Closter Pediatricians, Partnering with Parents in Healthcare has always been our philosophy. We are passionate in our belief that caring for your children is as important as caring for our own. Your voice is important to us. By listening to you and your child, we are able to help children achieve optimal heath and emotional well being.


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Nina Cavalli M.D.


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I’ve always been passionate about Pediatrics. After graduating from the New Jersey College of Medicine in 1962, I went on to complete my pediatric residency there as well, and soon after began my own Pediatric practice in 1965. Pedimedica was born out of this passion, and that which I believed about medicine and childcare then still holds true today. This has been the foundation on which Pedimedica has thrived and grown.

Our Philosophy has always been to partner with parents in healthcare. We believe strongly that our patients are best served when we as doctors work together with their parents, listening to and understanding their concerns in an effort to treat the needs of their children.

As Pedimedica developed, our numbers of offices grew and we soon realized that in an era in which many families have two working parents, service and availability have to become our next priority. We created an environment in which a parent could come to us at anytime, be it early morning, evening, weekends even holidays and would not be turned away. It is this combination of genuine enthusiasm for the well-being of our patients along with the understanding of the need for accessibility that is what I believe has given Pedimedica the reputation for excellence it holds today.

Through the years I’ve taken keen interest in the nutrition of our children, believing strongly in a regimen that combines both exercise and healthy weight management. I’ve also been an advocate of breast-feeding for over 40 years as I recognize this to be the best start we can all receive toward achieving the goal of general well-being in childhood and beyond.

As a father of four and grandfather to 12, I am proud to have been and continue to be a part of something that is truly, at its core, a manifestation of the same passion for Pediatrics I embraced some 40 years ago.

Dr. Azzariti is the founding partner of Pedimedica and is Assistant Clinical Professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

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Dr. Lonna Yegen is a graduate of New York University School of Medicine and did her Internship and Residency at Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

Dr. Yegen is married and has two children, Christopher, an attorney in Washington D.C. and Hillary, a fellow in pulmonary medicine and intensive care at Columbia University Medical School in New York. Dr. Yegen’s hobbies include tennis and swimming, working out at the gym, and art.

Terri Smith, M.D.


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